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Ford Developing New Pothole Mitigation System

The modern automobile industry has seen a number of new safety and technology innovations just within the past few years. It seems like there’s a driver alert sensor for just about everything, from impending collisions to pedestrians passing behind your vehicle while backing up. However, Ford is taking it even further, developing a new Pothole Mitigation System in order to prolong the life of your tires and prevent the shock of hitting a pothole head-on, at full speed.

Pothole Mitigation System

So what will this system do exactly? Experts at Ford pointed out that swerving to avoid potholes is not always possible, even though the system will make use of exterior cameras that monitor the ground and display pothole information to the driver. In the situations where hitting the pothole is just unavoidable, the mitigation system will automatically adjust the vehicle’s suspension in order to lessen the bump and reduce its severity.

Potholes are one of the few road issues that self-driving vehicles struggle with, so investing in tech that can sense potholes might be a good plan for the future. Plus, considering a 2016 survey that states that a staggering 39% of drivers are affected by potholes, we at Nick Nicholas Ford think adding a Pothole Mitigation System to the vehicles we sell is a great idea!