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Fun Gift Exchange Ideas

That time of the year is rolling around, and it’s a great time for giving! If you want to do a gift exchange at work or with friends, there are plenty to do. Here are some gift exchange ideas besides the obvious “Secret Santa.”

gift exchange ideas for office, family and friends - in Inverness, Florida

White Elephant – This is sometimes called “Yankee Swap” too. At this gift exchange, everyone anonymously contributes a gift. Going around in a circle, people can either pick an unopened gift from the middle or steal one that someone already has.

Gift Guess – Make gifts a little more fun by wrapping a gift up in a way that disguises it. Everyone looks at it and the first person to guess what it is gets to keep it.

Charity Exchange – Want to give back for the holidays? Have everyone write their name down on a piece of paper along with their favorite charity. Then, have everyone draw someone’s name. Whoever you get, you’ll make a donation to their favorite charity.

Cocktail Swap – Having an adult Christmas exchange? A cocktail swap is a fun way to share your favorite drink with someone. Get a box or bag and put all the ingredients for a yummy cocktail in it. Then, make them all together!

Remember, you can always make up your own gift exchange, too.

Which 2017 Ford Fusion Trim is the Best for You?

So, you’ve decided to buy a brand new car. You even know that you’d like to buy a 2017 Ford Fusion! The next question is: which trim level are you going to get?

If you don’t know a lot about cars, trims may seems like a minor detail when you’re purchasing. However, this is not the case at all. Trim levels determine different standard features that come with the vehicle. This means that each level is different, and comes with a different price tag.

Following is a very helpful infographic from The News Wheel about the different trim levels on the 2017 Ford Fusion:

2017 ford fusion trim level comparison infographic

This image shows three possible levels that you can choose from when buying a new Fusion. They look the same on the outside for the most part, but the details are what set them apart.

Price: There is a difference of more than $11,000 between all of these vehicles, but why? If you look at the engine type and features each holds, you can see where the difference lies.

Engine: If you’re not a car guru, engine may seem like an uninteresting factor. But when it comes down to it, the engine determines a lot about your vehicle. It will influence the fuel-efficiency of your car, as well as the power it can put out! We recommend test driving cars with different engines to get a feel for what they can do.

Features: This what most people look for in different trim levels. Here is where you will look for different technology, audio and safety features.

When purchasing or leasing a new vehicle, these are all great things to look for. If you’re in the market for a new Ford, visit Nick Nicholas Ford for great prices and customer service!

Celebrate the Inverness Patriotic Evening at Lake Henderson

Fireworks - July 4th - Inverness Patriotic Evening

Can’t believe it’s already June? Soon it’ll be July, and in Inverness, July always starts off with a bang thanks to the local Independence Day celebration. It’s not too early to start making plans for the whole family to attend the Inverness Patriotic Evening event in Liberty Park, where a professional fireworks display will be arranged over scenic Lake Henderson for a summer evening filled with wonder and excitement.

The day is Sunday, July 3rd, the night before the Fourth of July. The time will go from 5pm to 10pm, when visitors are encouraged to come to Liberty Park at 286 North Apopka Avenue. The display will also be visible from Wallace Brooks Park at 328 East Dampier Street. Lawn chairs and blankets are permitted, but no tents, canopies, umbrellas, coolers, or personal fireworks will be allowed on the premises.

In addition to the fireworks show, the event will offer visitors live music and entertainment, as well as local food vendors. The display itself will begin at 9:00 PM and continue until the event concludes an hour later.

The best part is that general admission to the Inverness Patriotic Evening event is entirely free. Guests are encouraged to bring their friends and families to enjoy this dazzling once-a-year event with great food, fun music, big crowds, and beautiful fireworks celebrating the birth of our nation. Don’t forget to bring the bug spray so you can enjoy your night in the park watching fireworks over the lake worry-free.