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Ford Adds Drugged Driving Suit To Its Arsenal Of Educational Tools

Drugged Driving Suit

Helping young people understand the risks of driving while under the influence of drugs can be challenging. Feeding them these illicit substances, even in a controlled and clinical environment, is out of the question, so what’s the next best thing? A special suit!

Ford recently teamed up with scientists from the Meyer-Hentschel Institute in Germany to build such a Drugged Driving suit. Those wearing the suit experience “lower reaction time, distorted vision, hand tremors and poor coordination.” In other words, they suffer from symptoms of using drugs like cannabis, ecstasy, heroin and cocaine.

Ford Driving Skills for Life is a young driver program created and facilitated by Ford to educate young drivers on how to handle the challenges of the road. Ford plans to use the Drugged Driving Suit in their program.

James Graham, global program manager for Ford Driving Skills for Life, outlined his expectations of the new suit in a recent press release, “We have already seen first hand the eye-opening effect that our Drunk Driving Suit has had on those who wear it, and are confident that our new Drugged Driving Suit will have a similar impact.”

All of us here at Nick Nicholas Ford are incredibly supportive of this new technology. What do you think?