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Staying Connected with Ford SYNC Technology

With issues such as texting and driving and whether drivers should be using their cell phones at all coming to the forefront of modern news outlets, it’s clear that a consensus needs to be reached in order to preserve the safety of drivers on the road. In today’s auto industry, more and more vehicles are coming standard with systems that allow for phone connectivity and voice recognition so that car owners can keep their eyes on the road while remaining a voice command away from phone calls. Ford SYNC technology is Ford’s response to this growing need for staying connected.

Ford SYNC technology

Ford SYNC comes in three different types. Basic SYNC technology includes the ability to use voice commands to navigate between streaming music, accessing apps, and making phone calls. SYNC with MyFord Touch allows for all of these same features, plus it comes with a four-quadrant LCD touchscreen, making its menu even more accessible and convenient. On top of everything else, there is the new SYNC3, which is completely redesigned and delivers the next-generation of voice-activation technology. SYNC3 has an all-new design, interface, and features, engineered to be as intuitive as possible.

In addition to hands-free calling, the Ford SYNC technology can also provide 911 Assist, which can call emergency services for assistance even when you can’t, at no extra charge. Plus, SYNC with MyFord Touch and SYNC3 also come with SiriusXM Traffic and TravelLink navigational systems to make your trips safer and more convenient.

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