Protect Your Vehicle against the Sun and Heat This Summer


As you pick out your sunglasses, hats, and sunscreen for the summer, take a moment to consider what accessories your car should be wearing for the season. Damaging UV rays can take their toll on your vehicle, both inside and out; so be sure to protect your vehicle against the sun and heat.

Just as a hat shades your face, your car could benefit from similar protection. If you are unable to park in a garage, a car cover works well to keep your vehicle away from the harsh sun and heat.

At times when a car cover isn’t an option, sunglasses (aka a windshield sun protector) is a quick way to keep the sun from making the inside of your car an oven. If all else fails, at least park in the shade for some natural protection. Not only will this make your life easier when you return to your vehicle, but it will also protect your interior fabric, especially leather, from getting dry and cracked.

Speaking of leather, a leather conditioner acts as an interior sunscreen. You should apply it regularly to keep your fine fabric clean and to avoid wearing and tearing. For the exterior layer of sunscreen, a customary wash and wax will go a long way in keeping the paint looking fresh.

Before you hit the beach or the amusement park or the road to your favorite destination, take a few extra moments to make sure you’ve packed your vehicle’s summer wear. We at Nick Nicholas Ford know you’ll be glad you did.

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